Outreach Center


Weekly Bible reading

1 Corinthians 6-12

Weekly confession (Saying what God says about us)

God is with me and for me. He will never leave me, abandon me or run out on me. He's right there with me through thick and thin to help in every situation.


When it looks and feels like you are surrounded...in truth we are surrounded by God. Filled with His Spirit, surrounded by His angels. We are not alone...we are not out numbered...God has more that is for us than our enemy, life and people will ever stack against us. 

May God open up our understanding to see, believe and understand this..and may we walk forward in this confidence.

​Psalm 125, Hebrews 13:5-6, 2 Kings 6

Weekly prayer focus

Let's spend time this week pouring on the thanksgiving to God for all that He has blessed us with...from the people in our lives to the our necessities He has provided for to all the spiritual blessings He has loaded us down with.