Outreach Center



Years ago I heard Coach Jim Tressel share a poem about being one as I listened  to his audio book, "The Winner's Manuel." And this is what impacted me...

I am one and though I am only one, I am still one

And the good that I can do, I will do

For I am one

Before I heard this I would find myself in life frustrated and overwhelmed in moments thinking there's so much to be done for God in a project, in life, in my community, at church, at work, in a day...but I found that this truth helped to anchor my soul putting it at rest in the truth that I am one. God created me just like He created you. He also equipped us with His gifts...and though we can't do everything...and aren't responsible to do everything we can do what He has gifted and called us to do. Moving forward I found myself at times feeling overwhelmed on days, in moments and projects and this poem would come to mind...and my soul would rest back in the truth, "I am one and do the good God created me to do"...and I'd do just that. I pray that you might flow in the gifts and grace God  has equipped you with...no matter how big the moment...or how limited your help and resources...You Are ONE...do good for God!

Ephesians 4:7-8, Romans 12:3-8

Weekly Bible reading

Romans 15-1 Corinthians 5

Weekly confession (Saying what God says about us)

I belong to God, my life isn't just for me and what I want to do but for God and what He created me for and wants me to do. I was created by God, saved by God and have an eternal purpose for my life...and with God's guidance and grace I will live it out for Him each day.

Weekly prayer focus

This week let's invest extra prayer time praying over the plans and purposes of God for our lives. Let's pray for His will to be revealed and done as we commit ourselves to it and spend time listening for direction or adjustments in prayer from the Holy Spirit